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I am J. T. Butler, a singer/songwriter and guitarist. I also play Bass, and Piano. I love the blues and all of its variants (jazz, rhythm n’ blues, rock n’ roll). If you found this page you are probably a fan of one of these styles also. I am the Vice-President of the Kern River Blues Society, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Bakersfield Jazz Workshop and I occasionally sing and play at both sites.

My family has been musicians, singers, and dancers for the last five generations.
My Mom taught us how to sing to keep us busy on trips when I was about 7 and music has been almost a daily part of my life since that time. We had a family gospel group that performed off and on for almost 20 years in the area I grew up in. I took piano lessons at 11 or 12, but only for about 3 months. I became a member of the glee club in High School and stayed with it for three years. When I was 18 and in the Air Force, a friend of mine named Joe DeLong, taught me my first guitar chords and helped me find my first guitar. After I damaged my hand at age 27, I used guitar scales and chord progression exercises to restore the health of that hand (guitar therapy, ha ha). I have been in vocal groups (R&B cover groups, glee, gospel choirs), sung solos at church, in one theater production,and been a guitarist and singer for bands.

Music is a lifelong pursuit, once you start to play or sing, it becomes
a part of your daily life in one form or another from that time on.

Note: On October 14th, 2017, JT Butler won the 2017 Battle of the Blues Bands (The Road to Memphis) at the Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society (regional International Blues Challenge, in the solo/duo category.
“I’m going to Memphis!”

I hope you enjoy the website.

J.T. Butler

JT Butler at the Crest






Written by J.T. Butler